707-523-3702 | info@pfsspraybooths.com
707-523-3702 | info@pfsspraybooths.com

PFS Silver Edition – Single Skin Paint Booth

Our Silver Edition 50′ Truck Cross Flow Paint Booth draws fresh air through filters in the drive-in doors. This clean filtered air is pulled through the booth and then exhausts through a filter system on the other end. The STCF-161650 model comes standard with a “Horseshoe” style plenum arrangement verses a solid back wall plenum. This type of exhaust chamber gives greater inside working space while making efficient use of shop space. This also enables the addition of drive through doors to be added. The filtered exhaust air is pulled through the exhaust plenum and discharged straight up and into the atmosphere through an exhaust stack.(Optional Feature) We can customize to meet your requirements.


PFS Carries a Wide Line of Single Skin Paint Booths
PFS Side Downdraft
PFS Premium Side Down Draft
Thermaire Side Down
Spray-Tech Single Skin Paint Booth


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